Electronic Check ACH Processing

Save Time and Money with E-Checks

Electronic checks/ ACH Processing also referred to as e-check is essentially a secure digital versions of paper checks. Merchants that process e-checks save time, money and are afforded additional protection against fraud.

With e-checks merchants can reduce their payment processing costs by up to 50 percent or more and receive their funds faster.

With e-checks customers pay for goods and services in one of two ways:

  • Entering their bank account information on the merchants website.
  • They send the merchant an authorization form with their account information listed and the merchant can key enter the transaction.

In both cases, the information is transferred electronically over the ACH Network, which takes the funds from the customer’s account and deposits them into the merchants account.

When customers provide their bank routing & checking account number to pay electronically, merchants can eliminate paper altogether and they can easily verify and track the payment.

Alternative QuickBooks Payment Processing Solutions

Pro Payments is now offering QuickBooks® users an Affordable Fully Integrated Payment Processing Alternative. Merchants can process in QuickBooks POS, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Financial versions Pro, Premier and Enterprise. Merchants will also be able pull in transaction data from other sources, such as a website or mobile devices, to help automate a merchant's accounting reconciliation process. Merchants can process payments using credit, debit cards or using electronic checks which will allow merchants to CASH-IN on lower processing cost.