Process Online Hosted Checkout

Instantly Reduce Risk Exposure with a PCI Compliant Check out Form


Merchants can easily generate a Hosted Payment Page to sell fixed priced goods or collect variable amounts for donations.

Multiple Formats

Merchants can select from any of the five different formats, email form, HTML code, iFrame, direct links or Q Codes

Branded ” Thank You” Domain

Merchants can enter their own Return Domain with each Hosted Payment Page they create. Cardholders will see the Merchants Branded ” Thank You” page at the end of the purchase. If a Return Domain isn’t provided, the cardholder will send the Pro Payment’s standard receipt.


Cardholders have the option at the bottom of each Hosted Payment Page, to tokenize their own credit card data in the SAFE for future use with the that merchant. Hosted Payment Pages can also be setup so that all credit card data through a particular Hosted Payment Page is always automatically tokenized.

Field Selection

Merchants can select which fields are shown, hidden or required on the Hosted Payment Page. Each Hosted Payment Page is setup exactly as the merchants wants it to look.

Usage Limit

Merchants can set a limit for the number of purchases for a certain Hosted Payment Page. If a merchant only has a certain number of products they sell the Hosted Payment Page will automatically disable itself once the limit has been hit.

QR Code Mobile Support

A QR Code is one of the formats choices for the Hosted Payment Page. The QR codes can be printed on business cards, flyers, posted on websites or distributed in various ways. Cardholders scan the QR code to securely make a payment using their smart phone or tablet.

Other Integration Methods & APIs

We offer developers multiple payment integration methods.

Third-Party Shopping Carts

Merchants with no programming expertise can quickly integrate our turn key integrated shopping cart software options.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

We offer robust Programming Interface (API) documentation, which is simple to understand and implement. Our API’s give developers feature-rich solutions that are necessary when designing advanced systems for their customers.

Alternative QuickBooks Payment Processing Solutions

Pro Payments is now offering QuickBooks® users an Affordable Fully Integrated Payment Processing Alternative. Merchants can process in QuickBooks POS, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Financial versions Pro, Premier and Enterprise. Merchants will also be able pull in transaction data from other sources, such as a website or mobile devices, to help automate a merchant's accounting reconciliation process. Merchants can process payments using credit, debit cards or using electronic checks which will allow merchants to CASH-IN on lower processing cost.